Monday, March 19, 2012

The Big Reveal! Bruckman Coal Building

As I type this note, workmen have begun to peal away the layers aluminum and vinyl siding at the former Bruckman Coal building at 203 Good Avenue. The current owners were delighted to find that the wood siding on the south side of the building was in good shape and completely salvageable. The removal also found ghost windows and doors. Twentieth century Irvingtonians were practical and thought that if they sheathed their homes and businesses in various sidings they could save money. Thankfully, many residents in the twenty-first century have begun to strip away those layers and are restoring the original footprints. Vintage Irvington has learned of another big reveal coming soon! Stay tuned. You may discover more about this interesting structure by clicking on "Bruckman Family" below.


  1. What is going to happen with this building, Bill?

  2. The owners are going to restore the wood siding. It is owned a by a local architectural firm. This building will be saved! It is great news for Irvington.

  3. This is wonderful news! I've always hoped someone would do something with it. Thanks for the update!