Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dates and Dances

The Zoercher family dwelled for many years at 52 North Layman. By the early 1950s, the Zoercher daughters began to enter high school. In these two wonderful photos, you get a snippet of life for an Indianapolis teenager. In the top photo, it appears that the young man has just given his date a lovely corsage. They are both smartly dressed and ready for a fun night out.

In the second photo, a Zoercher daughter poses in the foyer of her home. We are searching for her name so if anyone reading this post recognizes her, please drop me a note. You can imagine how wonderful it must have been for the current homeowners to receive this early color photograph. My eyes are drawn to several items in this picture including the Gone With the Wind inspired wallpaper, the classic 1950s orange furniture, the beautiful clock, and the original light fixture. In her lovely gown, she might be going to the prom or some other special dance. You may see exterior photos of this home by clicking on the "Zoercher Family" link below. These historic images are courtesy of Andrea de Mink.


  1. Hi Bill,

    I like your blog; thanks for posting such lovely photographs. I grew up in Irvington and enjoy visiting.

    I think the first photo in this post is a honeymoon photo containing the couple from your "A Wedding Celebration on Layman Avenue" post. Note his suit: looks like the same one in the wedding party photo. And the woman in "Dates & Dances" is wearing a wedding ring and appears to be carrying her wedding bouquet in the same hand as her purse and coat. I don't think they're on a date, I think they're newlyweds. Such a sweet photo, thanks again for posting.

  2. Hello, KLF...Great observation! I think you are probably correct! Would love to post photos of your family. Drop me a message at I am always on the hunt for more great photos! Thanks, Bill