Sunday, March 4, 2012

Taking a Walk--1937

Newly-married Evelyn Schneider Ferling paused in front of the newly-built Fourth Church of Christ Science at 5201 Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive in 1937 for this photo. Mrs. Ferling, who grew up at 327 Poplar Road in the Pleasanton section of Irvington, married Tom Ferling of Bosart Avenue. They first lived in the Mary Elizabeth Apartments along East Washington Street.

Irvington Christian Scientists purchased lots for a church in 1924, but did not construct a building on the site until 1936. Notice that in this photo, taken shortly after the completion of the structure, that there are no tall sycamores shading the lovely corner. Mrs. Ferling was not a member of the church, but the combination of the bench, the new building, and her fashionable coat made it a perfect place for a photograph. This wonderful image is courtesy of her son, Bill Ferling.

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