Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Childhood Scenes at Hackleman Home--1905

Charles and Grace Hackleman had two daughters named Helen and Margaret.  In these historic scenes, little Helen (Margaret had not entered the scene yet.) plays with some unidentified children in 1905.  Her father appears in the top photo.  The children seemed mesmerized by something Mr. Hackleman had put together along the sidewalk in between the houses at 34 and 28 North Ritter Avenue.

Charles Hackleman (34 N. Ritter Ave.) surrounded by children, including his daughter Helen in the background. (1905)  You can see 28 North Ritter Avenue as well.  

In the second photo, little Helen Hackleman is all dressed up and ready to go to the circus.  The photo is dated August 2, 1905.  Helen would later grow up and marry Richmond Bastian.  They would spend most of their married lives together at 28 North Ritter Avenue.  (The home where she was born!) Margaret Hackleman Gaebler, not pictured in these photos, would live the remainder of her life at 34 North Ritter Avenue.  Four doors away, their Aunt Ida Lamberson Russell, lived at 60 North Ritter Avenue.  The Hackleman-Lamberson families truly reigned over this part of Ritter Avenue for decades.

Helen Hackleman (34 N. Ritter Ave.) is ready to go to the circus in 1905.

The historic images are courtesy of Karen Bastian Clark.  The contemporary image shows the Hackleman home in 2012.  (34 N. Ritter Avenue)

Hackleman Home in October of 2012


  1. I just have to add that Margaret was born in 34 N. Ritter, where I always remember her living!!

  2. It's possible that one of these girls is Maude Russell. I will look for photos of her as a girl. Love your blog!!

  3. Thanks for these amazing photos, Karen!