Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Missing Tooth Reemerges Along North Emerson Avenue

Joseph and Jessie Culligan dwelled at 420 N. Emerson Avenue in the 1950s and 1960s.  Mr. Culligan installed fire sprinkler systems in businesses and homes throughout the city.  In the historic image, likely taken around 1955, members of the Culligan family enjoy a moment on the front porch in their modified American Four Square home.  The contemporary image, taken on September 30, 2012, reveals that little has changed with this home.  One large tree still drapes over the property.  To the north of the Culligans, dwelled John and Minnie Reid at 424 North Emerson Avenue (late 1950s).

416, 420, and 424 North Emerson Avenue c.1955

The most obvious difference over fifty years later, is that of the home to the south of the Culligans.  Oliver and Mary York dwelled at 416 N. Emerson Avenue for decades.  Mr. York was a laborer who worked in the Hume-Mansuer Building.  The York home appears to be much older than the other two and might date back to the late nineteenth century.  A newer front porch had been added. You will note that an empty lot now is all that is left of the York property.  Historic photos like this one will help future Irvingtonians put together the missing pieces.

420 and 424 North Emerson Avenue in 2012

The historic image is courtesy of the descendants of the Culligan family via Ancestry.com

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