Tuesday, October 16, 2012

University Avenue Home in 1949

Many families have called 5543 University Avenue home over the decades.  This stately home has been an important part of the fabric of Irvington since the early twentieth century.   Several prominent families have lived here including the Barnards and Shadingers.  The subject of this photo, however, was the not the home, but rather that of Librain Collins, who lived with the Holloways (his inlaws), next door at 5531 University Avenue.  The Collins family and the Holloways hailed from the Knightstown, Indiana area before moving to Irvington.  Mr. Collins was 67 years at the time of this photo.  He would live another eight years before passing away in 1957.

Librain Collins stood in front of 5531 University Avenue in 1949. Behind him you can see 5543 University Avenue

5543 University Avenue in 2012

The pictured home at 5543 University Avenue has changed over the years.  Sometime after this photo was taken, the homeowners added aluminum siding and removed the classical cornices (corners).  The front porch was also slightly changed.  A large picture window was added on the west side of the house. In the early 2000s, homeowners at that time removed the aluminum siding and put on concrete fiberboard.  They also removed all of the historic windows, but restored the balustrade railing above the porch.

Edw. and Doris Holloway lived at 5531 University Avenue throughout the 1940s.

The historic photo is courtesy of Carolyn Reed via Ancestry.com.  The contemporary photos were taken on a gorgeous fall day on October 16, 2012.  To learn more about 5543 University Avenue click on the Barnard or Shadinger link below.      

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