Sunday, September 30, 2012

An Emerson Heights Duplex in the Mid-20th Century

Emerson Heights sits just west of Irvington.  Founded in the early twentieth century, the community is filled with Arts and Crafts era homes.  Known originally as a streetcar suburb, the area is now on the National Register of Historic Places.  Developers built several large and small duplexes throughout the neighborhood including this American Four Square double at 605-07 North Bancroft Avenue.

Numerous families have called this place home since the 1910s.  Throughout the mid-twentieth century, the 607 side of the double was occupied by the Johnson family.  Raymond Johnson worked at Allison's Motors while Mrs. Eleanor Johnson was busy with their children.

In the top photo, the Johnsons gathered for a photograph in the backyard of their home in 1953.  You can also see the rear of the bungalow at 611 N. Bancroft.  The Peacher family lived there in 1953.  In the second photo, the Johnsons posed on the front porch of their home in 1967.  Amazingly, the urn still sits on the same pedestal forty five years later in 2012.

The Johnson Family at 607 N. Bancroft in 1953.

Eleanor and Raymond Johnson in 1967.   (607 N. Bancroft Ave.)

605-07 N. Bancroft on September 30, 2012.

The historic images are courtesy of the descendants of the Johnson Family.

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