Sunday, September 9, 2012

From the Yard of School #77--1943

Mrs. Edith Green Forrest was a popular teacher and principal at School #77, a primary school located in the 400 block of North Arlington Avenue.  In this somewhat blurry photo, taken in the spring of 1943, Mrs. Forrest (on the right) poses next to an identified student teacher.  With so many young families in the neighborhood, the need for more primary classrooms was great.  In 1932, the Indianapolis Public Schools began to utilize former World War I surplus buildings as temporary classrooms.  Ann Stewart, a former pupil, recalls that the school was more like a Montessori School with science classes held outdoors (sometimes in Pleasant Run Creek) and the planting of community gardens. The school district would not actually build a proper structure until 1952.

Edith Green Forrest (right) stands next to a student teacher on the grounds of School #77 in 1943.

406-08 North Arlington in 2012

School #77 (1952) is now home to a charter school in 2012.  

One of the more surprising facts for me with regards to this photo, is the brick double behind the ladies. I would not have pegged that structure as over seventy years old.  If you look closely, you will note that only the 408 side of the double was present in 1943. The historic photo is courtesy of Ann Stewart.  Are there more images of School #77 out there?  Drop me an e-mail at


  1. The school I am most curious about would have been across the street from the charter school and would have predated IPS by a few decades. I'm thinking the address would be 352 n. Arlington.
    when I look at the original plat if irvington, it shows a small structure at the corner of Michigan and Arlington labeled " school."

  2. It sounds like some sleuthing may be in order!