Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Image of Chaille's Shoes--1962

Howard T. Chaille ran a shoe store at 5622 East Washington Street for decades.  His son-in-law, Robert Phelps, Sr., continued to run the business well into the 1980s.  The Chailles dwelled at 832 North Campbell Avenue while the Phelps lived at 5317 Lowell Avenue.

In these historic photos, provided by Robert Phelps, Jr, the grandson to Howard T. Chaille, you can see the shop in the early 1960s.  Robert Phelps, Sr. proudly stands in front of the building.  I especially enjoy the ad in the window.  In the second photo, taken in 1956, Howard T. Chaille poses for a photo about seven years before his death.   I have also included a lovely photo of Eva Mae Phelps, the wife of Robert Phelps, Sr and daughter of Howard T. Chaille.  She was a teacher for many years.

Robert Phelps, Sr. in front of Chaille's Shoes (5622 East Washington Street) c. 1962

Howard T. Chaille of 832 N. Campbell Avenue c. 1956

Eva Mae Chaille Phelps, c. 1962
A special thank you to Mr. Robert Phelps, Jr. for the photos and the information...


  1. I remember this store and Bob Phelps well. My grandparents had the Qualitee Shoppe next door and I got my childhood shoes from Chaille's. He was a great guy and I wish I'd stopped in to say hello and thanks later in life.

  2. Steven, I would love to feature your grandparents and their shop if you have any images!! Drop me a note at williamfranklingulde@gmail.com