Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Cross Home--An Irvington Gem

Charles and Laura Lott Cross first moved to Irvington in 1891.  They built a large home on the southeast corner of East Washington Street and Ritter Avenue.  Mr. Cross was a prominent real estate speculator and may have built several homes in Irvington.  In 1913, he sold his home so that investors could build a bank on his lot.  (more on this story later)

The family moved to 322 Downey Avenue across the street from the Benton House in 1913.  The home had been standing since 1898 and sat in a beautiful part of Irvington.  The family spent the remainder of their years here.  Mrs. Cross died in 1928 while Mr. Cross passed away in 1932.  These historic images show the home between 1915 and 1918.  You will note that in the second photo, the family has hung a small banner in the window indicating that they had a son fighting in World War I.  You will see that the house appears to have been painted two different colors with the upper story slightly darker than the lower.  I especially love the photo of the couple sitting on their porch.

The Cross Family moved to 322 Downey Avenue in 1913.

Charles and Laura Lott Cross enjoy a moment on their front porch. The small WWI banner in the window was for their son, Harry Edgar Cross, who was away fighting the war.  

Charles and Laura Cross in their backyard around 1918.  

The contemporary image, shot on September 2, 2012, shows that the current owners have done a beautiful job of maintaining and preserving this special Irvington home.

Members of the Cross family would have no trouble recognizing their sturdy home in 2012 as it is beautifully maintained. 

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