Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Buddenbaums of Irvington

Louis Buddenbaum (1868-1931) ran a lumber company and became an active Mason with the Scottish Rite Cathedral near downtown Indianapolis.  At age 38, he married 18-year old Helen Cross (1888-1970).  Buddenbaum's new father-in-law was Charles Cross, a prominent realtor and developer of numerous Irvington homes.  It is possible that the two men had been in business together long before their families united.  The couple first dwelled at 307 South Audubon Road and then moved to 18 South Irvington Avenue.  In 1910, the couple went on an extensive vacation to Mexico.  Mrs. Buddenbaum remained very close to her parents who dwelled at 322 Downey Avenue.  She was an active club woman.  She also helped to raise her nephews, the Townsend brothers.

Louis and Helen Cross Buddenbaum pose with their nephew Louis Townsend around 1920.  The three Townsend brothers (Charles, Donald, and Louis) would later live  with the Buddenbaums before starting their own families.  

The Buddenbaums first dwelled at 307 South Audubon and later at 18 South Irvington Avenue.  

Mr. Buddenbaum's lumber store remained profitable and the couple retired to an apartment in the luxurious Marrott Building on North Meridian Street near Fall Creek.  Mr. Buddenbaum's untimely death in 1931, left Mrs. Buddenbaum a widow for nearly forty years.

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