Thursday, September 27, 2012

East Side State Bank--Then and Now

In the summer of 1913, Dr. Beecher Terrell and realtor George Russell stood outside the future East Side State Bank.   Behind them as they chatted, a young man peered into the unfinished building.  The venture represented another milestone for Irvingtonians who longed for a bank close to home.  Newly delivered radiators rested against an outbuilding ready for installment.  Off in the distance, Mrs. Jenkins (36 South Ritter Avenue) waited patiently for her laundry to dry.  Her beautiful home would be an easy walk to the new bank.  Mr. Russell (60 North Ritter), who was also the Postmaster for the neighborhood, was one of the most popular people in the area while Dr. Terrell was one of the most respected.  Dreamers stood along that sidewalk on that sunny day in 1913 and watched as a pile of bricks turned into reality.

Dr. Beecher Terrell and George Russell outside of the future East Side Bank at 5501 East Washington Street in 1913.

An ad promoting the East Side State Bank in 1917.

5501 East Washington Street in 2012 is now the home to Jack and Jill's Antiques.  
The historic image is courtesy of Karen Bastian Clark.  

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