Saturday, February 2, 2013

Charles Sammis and Babe the Horse

Charles and Myrtle Sammis built their dream home at 256 South Emerson Avenue in 1908.  Mr. Sammis worked for the Post Office as a substitute carrier.  Each day he would report to work at the central office in downtown Indianapolis to see who was absent for the day and then he would walk or drive their route.  He built a barn at the rear of the lot to house his traveling companion "Babe" as horses were used throughout the early twentieth century along postal routes even after the arrival of the automobile.

The Sammises welcomed their daughter Willa back home in 1941 along with two grandchildren.  The family remained in the house until the 1950s.  In these historic images, you can see Charles Sammis and Babe parked in front of 256 South Emerson around 1915.  If you look closely you can see "Parcel Post" on the carriage.  The other two historic images show Charles Sammis next to his daughter Willa in the back and side yard around 1948.  These historic images are courtesy of David Bailey.

Charles Sammis and "Babe" standing in front of 256 South Emerson Avenue c.1915

Charles Sammis and his daughter Willa,  June 1948

256 South Emerson (foreground) in 2013.  The house to the south of it was moved to the site in the mid-twentieth century.  

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