Sunday, February 10, 2013

Irvington Cub Scouts--1943

Scouting for both boys and girls remained very popular in Irvington throughout the twentieth century.  Most local groups were supported by churches.  The Girl Scouts in Indianapolis actually first started in the neighborhood at the Irvington Presbyterian Church.  Local resident, Francis Belzer (320 South Audubon Road), was a major leader of the Boy Scouts.  Mr. Belzer, a teacher at Manual High School, was later honored when the Scouts named a camp for him in Lawrence Township.

In this photo, taken in 1943, members of a local Cub Scout troop (Pack 31) gathered for their formal portrait.  If you recognize anyone in this photo, then drop me a note at or comment below.  This historic photo is courtesy of a grown-up Cub Scout and former member of this troop, David Bailey.

Newly identified Scouts courtesy of Ann Stewart:

Front Row (left to right):  Second boy from left--Frank Robertson (before his illness)

Middle Row (left to right):  Gary Roberts, Don Ross, ?, Jim Hueston, Scout Leader, Bob Routh, Dan Meininger, Joe Messing, Jack Young,?

Top Row (left to right):  Martin Bruce (Boy Scout), Bob Craig, and  ???? Jim Boles, David Bailey, ?

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