Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Johnson Family of 252 South Emerson Avenue

Some Irvington families dwelled in the same house for decades.  Harry P. and Mabel E. Johnson of 252 South Emerson would be among that group.  The Johnsons moved into their modest home across from the Butler campus in 1916 and remained for many years. Mr. Johnson was a postal carrier much like his neighbor Charles Sammis (256 S. Emerson).  In fact, the 1930 Census reveals that several postal clerks lived in the vicinity.  Mrs. Johnson remained at home and raised the couple's daughter, Maxine, who was born in 1920.  How many of us dwell in homes that still bear the names of previous occupants?  It is likely that many along Emerson referred to 252 as the "Johnson Home" long after their departure.

Mabel Johnson holds her daughter Maxine in 1921.  The Johnsons dwelled at 252 S. Emerson Avenue

Along Emerson Avenue:  The Sammis Home (256 S) and the Johnson Home (252 S.) are the first two homes pictured.  This photo was likely taken around 1916.

In the top photo, likely taken in 1921,  Mabel Johnson holds her daughter Maxine.  The other child identified on the photo is "Emma Jean."  We are still trying to sort out who she might belong to.  The photo was taken on the front porch of either 256 or 252 S. Emerson. (I am leaning towards 252!)  Both of the houses had similar porches and the same number of steps!  In the second photo, taken around 1916, you can see the Johnson home.  It is second house from the left with the large hipped roof.  I have also included a photo of the home 2013.  The front porch has been changed and vinyl siding now covers the historic clapboard, but the original windows remain intact.

This 2013 photo shows 252 S. Emerson Avenue on a gray wintry day.  
The historic photographs are courtesy of David Bailey.

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