Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Photo Along Oak Avenue--1947

Siblings Jane and Chuck Vogt were dressed in their Sunday finest when the top photo was snapped on Easter Sunday, 1947.  The Vogts dwelled at 5733 Oak Avenue.  Behind the well-dressed children, you can see the house across the street at 5728 Oak Avenue. You can also see the towering oak which still shades the street in 2013.  In the middle photo, likely taken in the same year, the entire Vogt family posed for a photograph. Charles Vogt worked for Allison's Motors and later for Monarch Buick.  Betty Vogt worked at Wolman's Drugs on the northwest corner of East Washington Street and Ritter Avenue.  The third historic photo shows Jane and Chuck Vogt on a warmer day most likely in 1947.  Mr. Vogt reports that the car behind the kids belonged to his Grandfather and when the elderly man passed away, sixteen-year-old Chuck paid his Grandmother $75 for the car.  He then proceeded to paint the car red with a paintbrush!  Stay tuned as we have more historic images from the Vogt Family Collection.

Easter Photo:  Jane and Chuck Vogt posed for a photo in 1947.  They were standing in their front yard at 5733 Oak Avenue.  Behind them, you can see a towering oak tree and 5728 Oak Avenue.  

Vogt Family photo 1947:  Betty and Charles and their two children, Chuck and Jane, stood in their front yard at 5733 Oak Avenue for this photo.  

New Bike! Chuck Vogt posed with his sister Jane after receiving a new bike in 1947.  The kids are standing in the front yard of 5733 Oak Avenue.  Behind them, you can see a house across the street at 5728 Oak Avenue.  

5728 Oak Avenue in 2013:  Much has changed since 1947 as the porch has been enclosed, historic windows removed, and the clapboard siding is now covered in vinyl.  

The Vogt Family home at 5733 Oak Avenue in 2013.  

The contemporary photos show 5728 Oak Avenue, (visible in the historic photos) and the Vogt home at 5733 Oak Avenue on March 30, 2013.  (historic images will be posted soon)   These images are courtesy of Chuck and Joyce Vogt.

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