Thursday, March 21, 2013

Howe High School Prom--1965

How could you not love this photo?  Sue Amick and Ward Poulos prepare to depart for the Howe High School prom in the spring of 1965.   Pulling up in a Ford Thunderbird, the young Mr. Poulos certainly planned to impress his beautiful date.  As they sat in the driveway of the Amick home at 315 North Kitley Avenue, Mr. Bob Amick snapped this wonderful color photo.  The Amicks ran a well-known dry goods store on East New York Street.   This image is from the Amick Family Collection and is courtesy of Sue Poulos.


  1. Love this photo! Ward Poulos was in my class (1964) and Sue was class of 1966 - it's hard to believe our 50th high school reunion will be this year!
    Diane Roberts Joslin

  2. Wow, Sue and her parents were our neighbors! i also graduated in '64.

  3. I am on the the hunt for photos along Kitley so perhaps I could feature your family!! My e-mail is Sincerely, Bill