Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life Inside a Beechwood Avenue Home

The McCleery family moved into 5949 Beechwood Avenue in 1957.  These three photos reveal much about their lives in the early years of living in the home.

In the top photo, Joyce McCleery holds hands with Joyce Reed.  The McCleerys and the Reeds had been friends for years.  Mrs. Reed worked for the family for a while and named her daughter after Joyce McCleery.  Behind the girls, sits a beautiful piano under the window and next to the front door.  The photo was likely taken in 1958.

In the second photo, Wilda Lee McCleery proudly displays her Howe High School spirit as she posed next to the fireplace (c1957).  A photo of a young Joyce McCleery hung above the mantel.  Notice the numerous books on the shelves!

In the third historic image, Lee McCleery the patriarch of the family, reads a book to his daughter on a winter's day in 1957.  

These historic images are courtesy of Chuck McCleery.

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