Monday, August 5, 2013

Scenes Along South Arlington in the 1940s and 1950s

These wonderful candid images reveal the front yards, tall trees, and tasteful homes that graced South Arlington Avenue in the mid-twentieth century.  Friends and McCleery family members served as the central focus of each image.  This stretch of Arlington remained a narrow two-way street at the time with a thick canopy of maple, oak, and ash above it.  Later generations widened the street and took some of the charm away from this typical Irvington avenue.

In the top photo, Wilda Lee and her brother Chuck McCleery of 317 South Arlington Avenue, posed for a photograph along South Arlington Avenue in 1949. It looks like it might have been the first day of school. The McCleery children had a short walk to IPS #85 as it was just across the street! Behind the kids, you can see an approaching car and an Edward Hopperish lone female character walking on the sidewalk.

These two photos taken in 1949 and 1957 show the same view.  In the top photo, Wilda Lee McCleery took her scooter out for a spin in 1949.  Behind her, you can see homes on the west side of South Arlington Avenue near the intersection with Oak Avenue.  Note the beautiful line of trees.  Joyce McCleery posed for her family eight years later in the same spot..  Behind the girls you can see 308, 268, 264, and beyond.

 Cute little Joyce McCleery posed next to the "for sale" sign in front of her home at 317 South Arlington Avenue in 1957.   Behind her and to the south, you can see 325 South Arlington Avenue and several other homes on both sides of the street.  Bruce Savage, a realtor who operated out of his office at 1005 North Arlington Avenue, eventually sold the home.  Note how much more yard these dwellings possessed before the city widened Arlington Avenue.  

 Family friend, Judy Hartley (345 South Arlington Avenue), holds Joyce McCleery (317 South Arlington Avenue) in 1955.  Behind the pair, are two small bungalows at 314 and 310 South Arlington Avenue.  

John Daniel Davis III, a friend to Wilda Lee McCleery, reads a comic book on the steps of 317 South Arlington Avenue in 1957.  You can also see 319 South Arlington Avenue.  

These interesting historic images are courtesy of Chuck McCleery.

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