Sunday, August 4, 2013

Candid Photos Show Neighboring Houses

For those of you researching your own home, do not forget about the neighbors.  Your house will often turn up in the collections of the people who formerly dwelled next to your home.  The McCleery family dwelled at 317 South Arlington Avenue from 1944 to 1957. During their tenure, they took dozens of family photos outdoors.  The subject of the pictures are of the children and other family members, but behind them you can see images of 315 and 319 South Arlington Avenue.

In the mid-twentieth century, Harold and Audrey Skomp dwelled in the bungalow at 315 South Arlington.  Mr. Skomp worked for the International Harvester Corporation on Brookville Road while Mrs. Skomp worked at the Board of Missions at 222 Downey Avenue.  They raised two children in the home.  In the top photo, taken in 1950,  Wilda Lee McCleery posed in the front yard at 317 South Arlington Avenue with William Dummit, a family friend.  Behind the pair, you can see the Skomp home.  A contemporary image shows that same bungalow on a summer day in 2013.

Wilda Lee McCleery and William Dummit next to 315 South Arlington Avenue in 1950

315 South Arlington Avenue in 2013

The next two historic images show the rear of 319 South Arlington Avenue.  The Campbell family dwelled in that modest bungalow in the mid-twentieth century.  Chuck McCleery, who grew up next door, reports that every kid wanted to trick-or-treat at that house because Mr. Campbell gave out nickels instead of candy!  Mrs. Campbell was known for her beautiful flower garden. In the top photo, Lee and Jane McCleery posed with their daughter Joyce in 1955.  Behind the family, you can see the family swing set and a nice view of the Campbell dwelling.  In the second historic image, likely taken in 1955, Wilda Lee McCleery posed with a date next to Mrs. Campbell's flowers.  The Campbell home is clearly visible behind the attractive couple.

Jane, Joyce, and Lee McCleery posed in the backyard of 317 South Arlington Avenue.  319 South Arlington is also visible in this snapshot taken in 1955.

Wilda Lee McCleery and a date posed next to the Campbell home at 319 South Arlington Avenue c1955
These historic images are courtesy of Chuck McCleery.

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