Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The McCleery Children of 317 South Arlington Avenue

Wilda Lee, Chuck, and Joyce McCleery spent many years at 317 South Arlington Avenue before moving into a larger home along Beechwood Avenue.  In these candid photographs, all taken in the 1950s, the McCleery kids posed in the backyard of the family home.  These wonderful images capture a slice of life in the neighborhood.

Chuck McCleery proudly posed for this photograph showing off his new Schwinn Corvette bike in 1954.  He loved that bike and even rode it to Howe High School although sadly it was stolen when he loaned it to a friend.  Beyond the picket fence, you can see some of the newer brick homes built in the 300 block of South Webster Avenue.  

How many fathers allow their sons to build a playhouse?  Lee McCleery, the patriarch of the McCleery family of 317 South Arlington Avenue, supervised as his young son, Chuck, added on to the garage. A beautiful grape arbor can be seen below the budding carpenter. This photo was likely taken in 1953.  

Wilda Lee McCleery spent most of her childhood at the home located at 317 South Arlington Avenue.  She is shown here (c1955) with a date in the backyard. Behind her, you can see the beautiful flowers of both the McCleerys and next door at the Campbells. (319 South Arlington)

This sweet photograph shows a very young Joyce McCleery waving to the photographer in 1957.  She was standing in the backyard of 317 South Arlington Avenue.  Within a very short time, the McCleerys would move to 5949 Beechwood Avenue.  

These wonderful images are courtesy of Chuck McCleery.


  1. My carpenter skills have not improved since this project! (Chuck McCleery)

  2. Joyce McCleery(1955) was one of my best friends in grade school #85. My grandparents lived next door to the McCleerys.I believe my Uncle Wayne Wolven was a friend of Chuck McCleery. Please let me know how I can each you or Joyce. My name is Melanee.

  3. Hi Melanee, I will get back to you. Thanks for reaching out!