Thursday, July 25, 2013

School #85 and Arlington Avenue Photos From 1947 and c1950

Arlington Avenue used to be a narrow two-way street.  The McCleery family dwelled at 317 South Arlington throughout the 1940s and into the 1950s.  In the top photo, Wilda Lee and her brother Chuck go for a ride on the sidewalk in front of their home in 1947.  Notice how narrow the street is behind them and that a car has just gone by.  Five years after this photo was taken, Chuck was playing very close to the street and was grazed by an auto.  He had to be rushed to the doctor to receive several stitches.  His parents Lee and Jane McCleery eventually decided to move from the busy street to Beechwood Avenue.

In the second photo, a snowstorm had struck the city c1950.  School #85 looks quite beautiful amidst the trees.  These historic images are courtesy of Chuck McCleery. Many more images from this amazing collection will be posted soon.

Wilda Lee McCleery gives her little brother a ride in 1947.  The McCleerys dwelled at 317 South Arlington Avenue. You can see IPS #85 across the street.

IPS #85 (c1950) after a snowstorm

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