Sunday, July 21, 2013

Building Boom Along Ritter Avenue c1906

Grace Hackleman and her two daughters, Helen and Margaret, prepared to go for a walk along North Ritter Avenue most likely on a chilly day in 1906 or 1907.  Not only is the street about to be bricked, but across the street you can see the brand new home of Evington Davis at 41 North Ritter Avenue.  Mr. Davis and his family would dwell in the beautiful Dutch Colonial home for nearly twenty years. The Hacklemans lived in a recently-built American Four Square at 34 North Ritter Avenue.  The photographer, Charles Hackleman, faced north so you can also view 65 North Ritter Avenue and homes along Lowell Avenue.  This wonderful historic image is courtesy of the Larry Muncie Collection from the Irvington Historical Society.

The Hacklemans of 34 North Ritter Avenue go for a stroll c1906. The Davis home across the street at 41 North Ritter Avenue still stands today.  


  1. Wow. Here i am in Mexicali, Mexico looking at these photos. The Davis home is the home of my great-grandfather. As i was so young i hardly knew him but vaguely remember that he lived near the corner of Washington and Ritter...

  2. Wonderful!! Do you have any photos of the Davis or other extended family members that may show more of the neighborhood?! I would love to feature them on this blog. Sincerely, Bill You may reach me at