Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aerial Photo Reveals Structures in Western Irvington-c1923

This stunning aerial photo, taken in the skies over Irvington around 1923, shows vast parts of the neighborhood.  The pilot from Weaver's Air Service must have used Downey Avenue Christian Church as his focus.  You will see that building towards the bottom of the photo.  This church predates the current structure on the site.  The Sunday School building south of the church is no longer standing.  Across the street, you can see the Scot Butler mansion at 124 Downey Avenue.  It was replaced in 1958 by a circular mid-century office building for the Disciples of Christ.  Most of the remaining structures in the photo still stand in 2013.  Our Lady of Lourdes Church, located in the center and left of the photo, is an earlier church structure.  Streets visible in this photo include:  Hibben Avenue, Julian Avenue, Downey Avenue, East Washington Street, North and South Irvington Avenue, Whittier Place, North Hawthorne Lane, Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive, Lowell Avenue, and Hill Street.   Many of the homes along Pleasant Run Parkway had not yet been built.
Aerial shot of western Irvington c1924 (click to make it larger)

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