Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Coryas Plan a Trip--1960

Richard and Martha Corya dwelled at 329 Burgess Avenue in 1960.  Sitting in their parlor and surveying maps for their route down the Natchez Trail in the South, the Coryas were photographed by a society reporter for the Indianapolis News.  Behind the couple, you can see the beautiful Victorian fireplace with tiles and what appears to be a coat of arms.  Someone has painted the mantel, but who didn't after World War II?  Magazines at the time told housewives to remove vestiges of the Victorian era by painting over the woodwork with a nice glossy white enamel.  Today's Irvingtonians have spent many hours removing that trend and going back to the natural wood stain.

Richard and Martha Corya sit in their parlor at 329 Burgess Avenue in 1960

329 Burgess Avenue on June 29, 2013

This photo is courtesy of the descendants of the Corya Family via

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