Sunday, February 9, 2014

Color Photograph of Irvington Presbyterian Church--c1963

Fifty-one years ago in the early spring of 1963, a photographer took this wonderful shot of the Irvington Presbyterian Church.  The grass had just started to turn green and buds can be seen on the trees along Johnson Avenue. You can also get a look at part of the Arts and Crafts double that used to sit just east of the church along Julian Avenue.  The corner formerly hosted a U.S. postbox.  I wonder who owned those giant cars parked along Johnson Avenue?

Irvington Presbyterian Church c1963
The historic image is courtesy of Bill Ferling and the Irvington Presbyterian Church. The color was restored by Larry Muncie.


  1. How fun! My parents own the property on the right of this picture. Most of these trees are still there. And, not pictured here, but, present today is an evergreen that is that would block the view of the church from this location.

  2. Christina, thanks so much for your note. I have a few other photos of the church still to post. I am glad you are enjoying them! I don't know how long your family has dwelled in Irvington, but I would love to feature them if you have historic photos. Thanks for reaching out as this has been a fun adventure.