Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Lady of Lourdes Eighth Grade Graduation--1940

Members of the graduating class of 1940 from Our Lady of Lourdes School gathered on the steps of the former church building for this photo taken by Charles J. Bell. Monsignor Michael Lyons sat among the children in the first row. The parish would later name a gymnasium after him.  The only identified student at this time in the photo is Phyllis Rohyans who is the third girl from the right in the third row. If you recognize anyone else in this photo then drop me an e-mail at williamfranklingulde@gmail.com and I will add their name!  The church in the photo was nearing its time on this planet as the last mass held here occurred on June 15, 1941.  The congregation built a newer and larger structure just to the east of this one.

The historic image is courtesy of the Rohyan family via Ancestry.com.

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