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Raising a Family on Ridgeview Drive--1950s

Leland and Anna Belle Dickerson moved into 322 North Ridgeview Drive in the early 1950s along with their two children, Linda and Robert. Another son would soon be on the way, so the couple needed a larger home and the brick bungalow would suit them perfectly. The Dickersons enjoyed the beauty of the house including the screened and glassed-in front porch. Mr. Dickerson reported that although it was over thirty years old by the time they moved in, the bungalow was solidly built.  The house had two bed bedrooms downstairs and one large room upstairs that Mr. Dickerson converted into two bedrooms. The kids walked to School #77 on Arlington Avenue and had fun playing with their friends along the quiet street.

The couple had nice neighbors although Mr. Dickerson recalled one resident behind them who frequently blocked the alley with his car.  This prompted Mr. Dickerson to storm over there and ask the wayward citizen to move his auto.  He also chuckled about the fact that his large 1950s-era car frequently had trouble navigating the slight incline into the garage on snowy or slick days.  Despite those issues, the Ridgeview Drive years were very happy for the family.  Mr. Dickerson noted that had the backyard been larger, they might have stayed there longer, but in 1958 everything changed when Mr. Dickerson happened to be passing by 951 North Graham Avenue.  (More on that story in my  next post.)  You may see more images of Ridgeview Drive from an earlier era by clicking on the link below.

Robert Dickerson and Mike Dugan (829 Lesley Avenue) on July 4, 1952 in front of 322 North Ridgeview Drive

Having fun:  Linda and Robert Dickerson in the backyard of 322 North Ridgeview Drive (March 1953)

Birthday Party at 322 N. Ridgeview Drive on June 10, 1952--Pictured:  Sue Amick (315 North Kitley Avenue),  Jeff Mars,  Linda Dickerson (322 N. Ridgeview Drive), Barbara Howard, Debbie Ballard
322 North Ridgeview Drive (second house) pictured on October 15, 2013
The historic images and stories are courtesy of Leland Dickerson.

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