Sunday, March 16, 2014

School #57--1922

Several proud eighth graders gathered in the spring of 1922 for this photo.  The pupils are all wearing their coats and the boys in the front row are sitting on folded chairs so they won't get dirty. Each graduate has a ribbon pinned to their coat.  Teachers clumped at the edge of the rows.  Some are smiling and some look stern.  I wonder about the lives of so many of these children.  What became of them?  It is likely that every person in this photo is no longer with us. How can this be as the children look so vibrant?  One African-American girl stands in the top row.  What became of her?  Did the other students treat her with respect?  We know of only one name in the photo and that is of Robert Orbison, who dwelled at 51 North Irvington Avenue. If you recognize any of the students or teachers in this photo, then drop me a note at

Eighth Grade Graduation Photo at School IPS #57 in 1922
This historic image is courtesy of Carol Orbison.

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