Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Pope Family of South Audubon Road

Harry J. and Flora Pope moved into their dream home at 377 South Audubon Road in 1908.  They would not be the first family to setup housekeeping in this large dwelling, but they would certainly be one of the longest as they remained until the late 1940s.  Mr. Pope worked his way up in the U.S. Post Office eventually moving into a management position.   Flora Knarzer Pope was actually Harry's second wife as his first wife, Effie Keeter, passed away in 1907.  Mrs. Pope stayed home and raised the couple's two daughters, Mary and Alberta.  In 1938, Mary married D. J. Hampton Smith.  The couple eventually built a small brick cottage at 381 South Audubon in 1946 next to the Pope family home.  Sadly, Mr. Pope passed away just as his daughter and son-in-law were completing the new house.  Eventually, the Popes moved away from South Audubon Road.

Today, the large home at 377 South Audubon Road is undergoing restoration.  The little house next door is barely visible in 2014 as it is now surrounded by giant spruce trees.

The Pope Family c1935:  Harry J, Flora, Mary and Alberta (in front) next to the family home at 377 South Audubon Road

D..J. Hampton Smith and Mary J. Pope in 1938 next to 377 South Audubon Road

377 South Audubon in 2014

The Smith Cottage (1946) at 381 South Audubon Road.
The historic images are courtesy of the descendants of the Pope Family via  

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