Saturday, April 19, 2014

Meteorologist Moves into Neighborhood--1914

John Howard Armington, a forty-two-year-old assistant meteorologist in Chicago, received the position of chief meteorologist for the state of Indiana on July 15, 1914.  He would spend the the next several decades warning local Hoosiers of droughts and storms.  The Armington family moved to Indianapolis shortly after his appointment and settled at 336 Burgess Avenue in Irvington. (then called 5607 Burgess Avenue) His wife Kathryn (Kate to friends and family) stayed at home and raised the couple's two children, John and Mary.  The family would dwell at two other Irvington locations in their lifetime including a house at 26 Johnson Avenue and one at 99 North Arlington Avenue.  The top three images show the family as they looked when they lived along Burgess Avenue. In the fourth photo, most likely taken shortly after their arrival in 1914, an unidentified man prepares to lead a small carriage pulled by two beautiful white horses.  Seated in the carriage is one of the Armington children and the family dog.

A contemporary photo snapped in April of 2014 shows the home today. The house was extensively altered in the 1990s with windows removed, vinyl siding added and the construction of a large front porch.

Meteorologist John Howard Armington moved from Chicago to Irvington in 1914.

Kathryn Armington raised the children and served in Irvington clubs 

Mary and John Armington grew up in Irvington

An unidentified man pulls a carriage with an Armington child (c1914) by the family home at 336 Burgess Avenue
The same view of 336 Burgess Avenue in 2014

The home at 336 Burgess Avenue was extensively altered in the 1990s with the removal of windows and the addition of a large porch.  
The historic images are courtesy of Raymond Bechtel.

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