Friday, April 25, 2014

Stunning Historic Photos of Irvington Presbyterian Church--c1955

In the mid-twentieth century, photographer Reuben L. Brullow, photographed the interior of the Irvington Presbyterian Church for the sixtieth anniversary celebration.  Founded in 1906, Presbyterians built two separate structures along Johnson Avenue.  The second and more grand edifice arrived in 1928.  These shots, taken less than thirty years after the construction, provide a stunning view of the interior of one of the most important architectural sites in the neighborhood.  Architect Merritt Harrison designed an ornate structure that could have easily graced any city center in Europe.  Note the stunning wooden beams, the gorgeous windows, and beautiful lighting. Mr. Brullow was clearly an artist as well as these photos are still stunning nearly sixty years later.

Interior of the Irvington Presbyterian Church c1955

Interior of the Irvington Presbyterian Church c1955
The historic images are courtesy of Bill Ferling and Irvington Presbyterian Church.  

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