Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Life Cut Short

Frank Olson, an Indiana University Law School graduate married Helen McCarty in 1927. The couple immediately started a family and would eventually have two sons.  Mr. Olson loved to golf and could be seen at several nearby courses on the weekends.  Mrs. Olson volunteered at the Irvington Methodist Church and stayed home to raise the children. Mr. Olson worked for the Department of Public Service Company in the auditing division.  The family weathered the Great Depression and by 1939 they built a modest brick bungalow at 322 North Audubon Road.  They were just starting to realize their dreams when Mr. Olson died in 1940 at the age 38 from a short illness.  He had only lived in the house for a brief time.  Mrs. Olson and her two sons continued to dwell in the cottage.  Eventually, the boys grew up and moved out.  Mrs. Olson remained a widow for the remainder of her time in the home, which lasted until the 1970s.  The house is in mint shape in 2014 and looks much the same as did it after it was first built over seventy years ago.

Frank Olson (322 North Audubon Road) obituary photo in 1940

Time for Golf:  Frank Olson in 1940 in front of newly-built 322 North Audubon Road.

322 North Audubon Road in 2014.  
The historic photo and information are courtesy of the Olson family via 

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