Thursday, May 8, 2014

At the Intersection of Dewey and Good Avenues

Ora and Mildred Heithecker of Brazil, Indiana rented half a double at 5843 Dewey Avenue in the late 1930s and early 1940s.  Mr. Heithecker worked as an equipment inspector for the state of Indiana.  The couple paid $35 a month in rent.  Their two young children, Janis and Harold, enjoyed playing and riding their bikes along Dewey and Good Avenues. While the world seemed to be falling into chaos and war, the US was still at peace and warm summer days provided endless fun for the youth of Irvington.  In the top photo, the children were carefully posed next to the family home in 1939. They were dressed up so perhaps it was for a special event.  In the bottom photo, Janis Heithecker enjoyed a bike ride along Dewey.  The photographer not only captured a beautiful image of her, but behind her you can see Good Avenue.  Contemporary images show the same views in 2014.

Heithecker children in front of 5843 Dewey Avenue

5843-45 Dewey Avenue in 2014

A car pulls off of Good Avenue onto Dewey Avenue behind Janis Heithecker in 1940.

The intersection of Dewey and Good Avenues in 2014
The historic images are courtesy of the Heithecker descendants via  

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