Sunday, May 4, 2014

Little Flower Catholic School Graduation--1930

Eastside Indianapolis Roman Catholics had few options in the early twentieth century. St. Philip Neri opened its parish doors in 1908 followed by Our Lady of Lourdes in Irvington in 1909.  As more Catholics moved into neighborhoods surrounding Irvington, the need for more churches grew.  In 1926, the Archdioceses of Indianapolis opened the St. Therese Little Flower School and parish. Located at 1401 North Bosart Avenue, the school serviced congregants in the Little Flower and Emerson Heights neighborhoods. Some Warren Township farmers sent their children to the school as well.  Like many Catholic schools, the institution educated children until the eighth grade.  In this photo, taken in 1930, Father Doyle (later Monsignor John J. Doyle) and Father Duffy posed with eight graduates.  Most of the kids lived nearby.  Albert Berlier's family had a rural route address and lived north of 13th Street along Arlington Avenue.  George Marter traveled from Chester Avenue while Fred Ward dwelled nearby on Colorado Avenue.  Ralph Robisch could have easily walked to school from his home at 904 North Emerson Avenue.  Cecelia Wilson's home remains a mystery, but Louise Hansman dwelled at 4608 East 10th Street.  Her family kept this photo and later posted it on  Marie Parks lived in a beautiful brick home at 1115 North Leland Avenue.  Helen Hall commuted from Grant Avenue.  Many of the children came from large families whose brothers and sisters attended Little Flower School.

Little Flower 8th Grade Graduates in 1930
 This photo is courtesy of the descendants of the Hansman family via  

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