Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Plotner Family Arrives For Church--c1955

Mr. and Mrs Harold Plotner (5735 Beechwood Avenue) arrived for Sunday services at the Irvington Presbyterian Church sometime in 1955. Awaiting them, was photographer Reuben L. Brullow, who was taking photos for a future publication commemorating the history of the church.  The Plotners were active members of the congregation.  Harry Plotner worked at the International Harvester Company on Brookville Road as did many others in southern Irvington in the mid-twentieth century.  Local resident, Larry Muncie, who grew up near the Plotners remembered the family fondly.  Mr. Muncie noted that it was Mr. Plotner who asked him to help with recording church services on closed-circuit television.  Dr. Howard Stone was the minister at the time and during his tenure the church broadcasted services on Channel 8.

The American Four Square home visible in the photo behind the Plotners was that of 58 Johnson Avenue.  To see that house today, click on the link below.

The Plotner Family of 5735 Beechwood Avenue arrived for services at the Irvington Presbyterian Church c1955
The historic photo is courtesy of Bill Ferling and the Irvington Presbyterian Church.  Information about the Plotners is courtesy of local historian, Larry Muncie.  

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