Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Brick Tudor-Revival in Northern Irvington

Most of the homes in the 1100 block of North Butler Avenue were built in the 1920s although the lovely brick Tudor-Revival structure at 1121 North Butler Avenue was not completed until 1933. The Kennelly family was the first to call the dwelling "home." By the mid-20th century, when these photos were snapped, Peter and Hazel Ruden lived in the house.  Mr. Ruden served as a manager for the Philco Radio Equipment Corporation. Mrs. Ruden stayed at home and became good friends with her neighbors, including the Azbells who resided at 1115 North Butler Avenue. The historic photos show the Ruden home and the Azbell family.

Posed with Mom:  Little Barbara Azbell held onto Vivian Azbell's hand in 1943. Behind the mother and daughter you can see 1121 North Butler Avenue.  

Easter 1938:  Fred Azbell affectionately posed with his mother, Winifred Azbell. It must have been a little chilly as Mrs. Azbell clutched her hands. Behind the pair, you can see 1121 North Butler Avenue which had only been standing for four years.  

A Visit With a Kind Neighbor:   Hazel Ruden sat on her back stoop at 1121 North Butler Avenue in 1952 with her  child, Barbara, and little Ricky Azbell nearby.  

Visiting:  Vivian Azbell (1115 North Butler Avenue) stopped by to see her neighbor, Hazel Ruden (center) at 1121 North Butler Avenue.  Barbara Azbell remained engrossed with a book. She would later go on and become a teacher. The photo was likely taken around 1958.  

1121 North Butler Avenue in 2014.  Other homes with a similar design dot the northern part of the neighborhood.  
 The historic images are courtesy of Barbara Sanders.  


  1. The Rudens had twins, Peter and Paul. They went to Trinity Lutheran grade school at some point. My brother played with them several times at this house. I wonder if Barbara Sanders has any photos of them

  2. Hello, Steve! I will drop Ms. Sanders a note to see if she has any photos of the Ruden twins.