Sunday, July 6, 2014

It's a Wonderful Life Along Butler Avenue

The Azbell family celebrated two joyous births in the 1940s.  In top photo, Fred and Vivian Azbell welcomed little Barbara Azbell into their lives in 1942 at their home at 1115 North Butler Avenue.  Someone has sent the family roses which sat in a mid-century vase on a table nearby.  In the second photo, the entire clan gathered to welcome Fred Jr., or Ricky as he was to be called, in 1947.  His grandparents, Pearl and T. Newton White hovered above him while his parents, Fred and Vivian Azbell sat on the chair.  His sister Barbara was clearly checking out the new competition. Bob Hoover (1124 North Butler Avenue), a photographer for the Indianapolis News, managed to get in this photo as well.  Both children would grow up in the house on Butler Avenue.

Fred, Vivian and Barbara Azbell in 1942 at 1115 North Butler Avenue (photo by Bob Hoover)

Wonderfully Staged:  Pearl (in print dress) and T. Newton White above; Vivian, little Ricky, Fred, and Barbara Azbell on chair; Bob Hoover next to the family (in bow tie) in 1947; photo by Bob Hoover

1115 North Butler Avenue c1938

1115 North Butler Avenue 2014

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