Monday, July 21, 2014

IPS #58 Graduation Photo--1929

They all dressed in white.  The girls donned a bobbed style while most of the boys slicked down their hair.  In the early summer of 1929, the USA was still roaring.  In just a few months after the snapping of this photo, the stock market would plunge catapulting the nation into the Great Depression.  These fourteen-year-olds had no idea that their lives were about the change.  What became of them?  Thankfully, we do know the names of every child in this photo.  They attended the Ralph Waldo Emerson School (1907) at 321 North Linwood Avenue also known as School #58.  The building is now on the National Register of Historic Places and was recently renovated.

Indianapolis Public School #58 Graduates in 1929

Row One:  Margaret Buckles, Vivian White, Helen Murdock, Emma Elizabeth Hallett, Thelma Alvey, Virginia Tharpe, Margaret Hennis, Radonna Graham, June Sproule, Frieda Jones

Row Two: Eva Grace Hale, Violet Hohn, Martha Schwartzenbtraub, Marian Wortman, Mary Elizabeth Neese, Virginia Wickard, Ruth Engleman, Carolyn Paine, Margaret Hetherington, Alice Bobbitt, Frances Higenbotham

Row Three:  Paul Lang, Jr., Harold Cooper, Harry Madison, Ralph Wilson, Harold Bronstrup, Roland Irwin, Hugh Weber, Harry Zaklan, Raymond Rhodes

Row Four:  Richard Ricketts, Edmond Murray, Herbert Leyendecker, Jack Scearce, Charles Pringle, William Schmitz, Robert Williams, Gustav Jordan

Row Five:  Jack Bridwell, Le Roy Dusing, Harry Marshall, Donas Dischinger, Robert Seers, Charles Johnson, Howard Chandler

Indianapolis Public School #58 in 2014 after a recent renovation

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