Saturday, January 30, 2016

South Audubon Road a Century Ago

Sometime in 1915 a young Edward Lollis posed along the front walk of his home at 275 South Audubon Road.  He had come to live with his Uncle Robert and Aunt Mary Stevenson in that year.  Behind him, you can see the southern edge of the Irving Circle Park. The most visible house in the photo is located at 240 South Audubon Road. Elizabeth Hadley, the widow of William Hadley, dwelled in the home at the time that this photo was taken. Edward grew up in the neighborhood and spent most of the remainder of his life in Irvington along Julian Avenue. To learn more about the Lollis or Stevenson families, click on the links below.

Edward Lollis in front of 275 South Audubon Road in 1915

South Audubon Road scene in 2016

240 South Audubon Road in 2016
 The historic image is courtesy of Ted Lollis.  

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