Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Winckelbachs of South Bolton Avenue--1940

Harold Wincklebach, a native New Yorker, moved to Indianapolis in 1935 after completing his studies at the Illinois College of Podiatry.  He met Indianapolis native, Martha Spalls after moving to the city and married her on November 25, 1937. The young couple first took up housekeeping at 916 North Tecumseh Street, but decided to move to Irvington in 1940.  Their home at 63 South Bolton Avenue was very unusual for the neighborhood as it had a flat roof and was in the Mission Revival style. The stuccoed one-story home located on the northeast corner of the intersection of South Bolton and Julian Avenues had been built in 1928.  The Winckelbachs had two children while living at the home and Mr. Wincklebach's mother eventually came to live with them as well. The family did not stay in the home for long. Perhaps it was too small for their growing family as they moved to Kealing Street by 1942.  To see a photo of the home today, click on the address below. The residence has been drastically altered over the years with the removal of windows and the covering of the stucco with vinyl siding.

Martha and Harold Winckelbach in the summer of 1940 in front of 63 South Bolton Avenue

Martha Spalls Winckelbach with her daughter Teddy in August of 1940 at 63 South Bolton Avenue

Teddy and Martha Winckelbach near 63 South Bolton Avenue in the summer of 1941.  

The historic images are courtesy of the descendants of the Winckelbach family via  


  1. Hi, Interesting to find this. Thanks for your interest in detailed history. I am a direct descendant of the Winckelbach's.

  2. Greetings! I would love to know more about this family. I am also interested in more photos of their time here in Irvington. I would love to chat with you. You can reach me at Thanks for reaching out!