Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wonderful Restoration Work

Two historic homes have been or are currently being renovated in Irvington. In both cases, homeowners have beautifully returned the dwellings to their original appearance. The American Four Square at 76 North Layman Avenue was likely built around 1908 and was first occupied by the Thomas family who resided there for years.  The current owners have removed vinyl siding and have restored the lovely clapboards hidden underneath for a few decades. They have also restored the beautiful porch. It will be exciting to see the final results on this grand home.

76 North Layman Avenue (c1908) is undergoing a significant renovation in 2016

5360 East Washington Street has also been extensively renovated. The home, likely built around 1909, has had its stucco and wood clapboard siding restored as well as several features inside the house. The front porch, which had been enclosed in the mid-twentieth century, has been reopened although the 1950s-era stone remains.  Kudos to both homeowners for these beautiful restorations.

5360 East Washington Street in 2016

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