Thursday, April 28, 2016

Growing Up Along Audubon Road

Thomas Richard or Dick Palmer was born in 1921 to Dr. Walter and Mary Fee Palmer. He spent his entire childhood at 333 North Audubon Road.  Dick was raised as an only child because his older brother died before his birth. He had no trouble finding playmates as there were several households in the area with children under ten years of age. Next door at 323 North Audubon Road dwelled little Nancy Ostrander and Eva Ham. Two doors down at 347 North Audubon Road resided Thomas Harrison, the youngest son of John and Elizabeth Harrison. Ruth Adams, the daughter of Henry and Pearl Adams lived across the street at 344 North Audubon Road. Other kids near his age like Bob Glass, Roger Schuck, and the Korbly brothers dwelled in the vicinity on Michigan Street, and along Lowell, Lesley, Graham, and Bolton Avenues. The Palmers, clearly very proud of their son, documented several key moments of his early life. You will see snapshots from his youth and scenes from the neighborhood in the following images.

Dick Palmer played with his toys on his front porch at 333 North Audubon Road in 1923.

Backyard fun:  Dick Palmer played in the backyard of his home at 333 North Audubon Road in 1922. 

Dick Palmer enjoyed the outdoors in the spring of 1922. Behind him, you can see the large Italianate home at 343 North Audubon Road. 

Dick Palmer on the front porch of his home at 333 North Audubon Road in 1923.

Mary Fee Palmer assisted her son Dick on her porch at 333 North Audubon Road in 1922.

333 North Audubon Road in 1922

333 North Audubon Road in 1923
The historic images are courtesy of Janet Chapman and Dick Palmer. 

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