Saturday, April 2, 2016

Irving Circle Park in 1941

Over the decades, the small Irving Circle Park has served as a lovely spot for taking photos of friends and family. As a nearby resident, I can assure you that in 2016 it happens weekly. In the spring of 1941, Donna Garland and Barbara Jones brought their camera and a beloved pet to document their friendship. In the photos, you will see that the girls are mainly in the western part of the park with their camera pointing east. Behind the young ladies, you can see the doubles at 237-39 and 245-47 South Audubon Road as well as 251 South Audubon Road.  Dr. Walter Kelly owned the large double at 237-39. In 1941, he rented the other half of his residence to the DeHaven family.  Next door the Bowmans and Myers resided in the large American Four Square double. The Johnston family lived in the beautiful arts and crafts home located at 251 South Audubon Road. You will also note that there was not much of a fountain in the park during those years. You can see a small concrete base that contained a pipe that shot out water during the warmer months.

Donna Garland posed for Barbara Jones in the spring of 1941 in the Irving Circle Park. Behind her, you can see the double at 245-47 South Audubon Road and the house at 251 South Audubon Road. 

Barbara Jones posed with a beloved pet in the Irving Circle Park in the spring of 1941. Behind her you can see Dr. Walter Kelly's darkly stained double at 237-39 South Audubon Road and the large green American Four Square double at 245-47 South Audubon Road.

Donna Garland posed in the Irving Circle Park in the spring of 1941. Behind her, you can see the small concrete base that housed a water spout. Barbara Jones, the photographer, aimed her camera east towards University Avenue.  

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