Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Palmers Build a Bungalow on Audubon Road

Shortly after suffering the loss of their only child in 1920, Dr. Walter and Mrs. Mary Fee Palmer decided to start anew. First, they moved into a brand new home and then they welcomed a new baby boy into their lives in 1921.  For the first four years of their marriage, the couple rented various homes throughout the neighborhood. Thanks to Dr. Palmer's steady income working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the couple was now able to build a beautiful bungalow at 333 North Audubon Road.

The unique two-story home sits on a beautiful lot in a wooded area of the neighborhood. Clad in stucco, the dwelling possesses an entryway complete with sidelights and flanked by beautiful casement doors facing Audubon Road. Thomas Richard Palmer, who grew up in the home, noted that his parents built what they could afford. The couple planted some beautiful trees and lush flower gardens. They also built a rock wall at the back of the property. Besides a garage, the couple erected a chicken coup at the back of the property.

Thomas Richard or Dick Palmer grew up in the house. He is now 94 years-old and still recalls his early life along Audubon Road. He remembers many of his neighbors and his childhood friends. In the next post we shall examine Mr. Palmer's early years in the neighborhood.

The historic image and stories are courtesy of Janet Chapman and Dick Palmer.  

A beautiful snow blanketed Irvington c1938. Walter and Mary Palmer built the home in 1920 or 1921. A similar home exists along the 300 block of North Bolton Avenue. 

Walter and Mary Palmer dwelled at 333 North Audubon Road for decades. In 1943, they posed next to their fireplace for this image.  

Mary Fee Palmer proudly posed with her son, Dick, in 1921 on the front porch of 333 North Audubon Road.

Newborn, Thomas Richard or Dick Palmer, smiles from his baby carriage on the front porch of 333 North Audubon Road in 1921. He spent the remainder of his childhood in the home.  

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