Monday, June 11, 2012

Coal Delivery in Irvington--1926

Rodney Thompson prepares to haul coal to his customers in 1926.  Notice that animal power was still used locally although Irvington Ice & Coal also had trucks by this time.  Mr. Thompson is standing across the street from the plant in the 400 block of South Ritter Avenue.  Behind him, you can see a small nineteenth-century cottage.  Mr. Thompson eventually worked his way up to becoming the General Manager of the company.  Irvington Ice & Coal operated in the neighborhood from 1916 until the early 1970s.  This historic images are courtesy of Rodney and Sue Thompson.  A contemporary shot, taken on June 10, 2012, shows the top photo today.  If you look towards the rear of the current structure, I believe you can see the gable of the original home.  Perhaps, this is wishful thinking on my part.

You may learn more about Irvington Ice & Coal by clicking on the link below.  The Irvington Historical Society, located at the Bona Thompson Memorial Library, also has an extensive photo collection and information about this local landmark.

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