Friday, June 8, 2012

Winter Scene Along Irwin Avenue--1953

Irwin Avenue is just about as far east as you can go and still claim to be Irvington.  The first homes on the street north of East Washington Street emerged during the 1930s.  In the winter of 1953, amateur photographer Harold Crook grabbed his camera after a heavy snowfall to take some pictures.  Mr. Crook and his wife Thelma dwelled at 63 North Irwin Avenue and had only lived in the house for about a year when this winter storm hit the city of Indianapolis.  The house with the car in the driveway is 34 North Irwin Avenue.  If Mr. Crook were alive and able to walk down the street today, he would see that little has changed along his block.  The homes and yards are still neatly kept.  The small tree in the yard of 34 N. Irwin Avenue now towers over the home and the road.

The historic image is courtesy of Don and Lisa Flick.

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