Sunday, June 10, 2012

Irvington Ice and Coal--1920s

Irvington Ice and Coal opened in 1916.  For years it was run by both the Swartz and Thompson families.  A sprawling complex, located at 400 South Ritter Avenue and next to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the company operated in Irvington for decades.  Employing dozens of workers, the business serviced the entire east side of Indianapolis and beyond.  Coal was the chief heating source for most Indianapolis homes by the the 1920s so the business was booming.  Both animal and automobile power hauled the products around the city.

In these three historic photos, taken in the 1920s, you can see how large of an operation it was along South Ritter.  The contemporary images show the structure as it is on June 10, 2012.  The historic images are courtesy of Rodney and Sue Thompson.  More photos will be forthcoming of this important Irvington commercial enterprise.

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