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Children Gather Along Ritter Avenue c1908

These beautiful shots of children dressed in their Sunday finest, shows many neighborhood children on the front lawns of 60, 66, 65, and 67 North Ritter Avenue c1908. The only houses visible in the photos are those of 65 and 67 North Ritter.  You will note that the city was beginning to brick the street.  Two of the girls in the photos are likely Helen and Margaret Hackleman who were born at 28 North Ritter, but grew up next door at 34 North Ritter.  Their Aunt Ida and Uncle George Russell dwelled just a few houses north at 60 North Ritter.

Neighborhood children gathered for a photo on the front yard of either 60 or 66 North Ritter Avenue c1908

Children playing (c1908) at 60 or 66 North Ritter Avenue

Children sit on bricks in front of 67 and 65 North Ritter Avenue

Thaddeus and Jennie Major dwelled at 67 North Ritter in 1908.  They had two children, Bonnie, who would later become a teacher, and Carl.  Mr. Major was both a contractor and accountant at different points in his life. Mrs. Major was an active club woman and frequently hosted the Daughters of the American Revolution in her home.  One of the highlights of their time at 67 North Ritter came on August 14, 1913, with the marriage of their daughter Bonnie to Irvington resident, Louis Richardson. The newlyweds moved into the house and would remain for the rest of their lives.

The Major Home in the winter of 2012.  Note that a brick porch has been added most likely in the 1920s.

Next door at 65 North Ritter, the elderly David Robertson, lived with several of his adult children. One of his sons, Dr. J. Frank Robertson practiced medicine at 2313 East Michigan Street.  Another son, Lou A Robertson, was a well-known attorney.  Lou also lived in the house with his wife Mary.  The Robertsons may have the record for the family who has dwelled in an Irvington house for the longest period of time.  They moved into the beautiful American Four Square in the early 1900s and the last Robertson did not leave until the 1980s.

The Robertson Home in the winter of 2012

The historic photos are courtesy of the Irvington Historical Society, Larry Muncie Collection.

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