Monday, June 10, 2013

IPS #57 Grade Eight School Photo--1934

Although it would be highly unlikely today, teachers of the graduating class of 1934 from IPS #57 directed the students down Johnson Avenue from East Washington and Ritter to the Irvington Presbyterian Church for a class photo.  The church was only six years old in 1934 so perhaps the photographer, W. Frank Jones, thought that the site made for a better setting that the older school.  Most of the students are dressed in their finest despite the fact that the Great Depression likely took a toll on many Irvington households. The girls are wearing dresses and at least two of the boys are wearing ties.  One young man in the top row has his hand over his heart.  Another young man is still donning his beret.  Sadly, most of the names are the lost to the ages now so if you recognize anyone in this photo then drop me a line at  This wonderful image is courtesy of Don Rouse.  His mother, Christine Bruckman, is in the front row.

Members of the grade eight class from IPS #57 pose for their graduation photo in front of the Irvington Presbyterian Church in 1934.

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